Kip Vidrine, and My 'Fine Art' Collection







Kip Vidrine

Kip Vidrine, and My 'Fine Art' Collection

Parker, AZ


Welcome to My World of expression,

The first thing I would like everyone to know is that, I am a man that will promote those of whom I believe in. That goes to every aspect and situation I may find myself. Whether it be excellent service from a server at a restaraunt, or somebodies artwork, as within FAA. I do not just click on "like", I will go in to your gallery and see what other works that surely would catch my attention. If I was drawn to one of yours pieces of work, you must have more to admire.
But I do not stop there, as some can attest to, I will SHARE your work in other venues as well; from FB, Pinterest, G+, Twitter, and even in my blog on WordPress.
I also do what I can to help promote FAA within those venues as just a great place to either view or post some other works of art.

About me, I am self taught, from as far back as I can recall. I did though, like every other child growing up in the 60's, 70's and 80's, take the basic art class in jr. high, but nothing in high school except a drafting class. But, I will say I think I learned more in that class than in my art class from jr high.
I stumbled upon STIPPLING in the early 90's by accident. As I said, self taught, but not by any books or tutorials of any sort. So when I started making dots turn into pictures, I was awesome. But then I later found out some of the history behind my new discovery. Then I was able to do even more with it, and stippling, as I have come to learn, is a never ending class on realism, fantacy, and everything else you could imagine. It is always teaching you, and you are always learning how just one single DOT, can make a piece complete, or turn it into your next place mat for the dinner table.

I hope you enjoy my works,
if you even have one thing to say,

Well, this is my biography as of today's date, 4/1/2014

I wish everyone the best and thank you for taking the time to read my bio, stop in and say hello and I would be honored to say hello and read your bio as well.

Until next time my friends, Godspeed


Full Moon by Kip Vidrine


Depths of the Mountain Range by Kip Vidrine


Rock Stacking by Kip Vidrine


Moon Over Palms by Kip Vidrine


Ripple 7 by Kip Vidrine


Ripple 6 by Kip Vidrine


Ripple 5 by Kip Vidrine


Ripple 4 by Kip Vidrine


Ripple 3 by Kip Vidrine


Ripple 2 by Kip Vidrine


Ripple 1 by Kip Vidrine


Set Adrift by Kip Vidrine


Set Adrift 2 by Kip Vidrine


Set Adrift 3 by Kip Vidrine


Set Adrift 4 by Kip Vidrine


Set Adrift 5 by Kip Vidrine


Fire In The Sky by Kip Vidrine


Enhanced Color by Kip Vidrine


No Longer Blushing by Kip Vidrine


A Duet by Kip Vidrine


Full View by Kip Vidrine


Roses by the Pool by Kip Vidrine


Sunset Rose by Kip Vidrine


Four One Rose by Kip Vidrine


Miscellaneous by Kip Vidrine


A Yellow Star 002 by Kip Vidrine


Two Yellow Stars 001 by Kip Vidrine


A Great Contrast by Kip Vidrine


32 Ford Coupe by Kip Vidrine


Red Desire by Kip Vidrine


White Line Fever One Does Not Have To Be Moving To Come Down With It by Kip Vidrine


Chevy's In The Night by Kip Vidrine